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Just over four months ago, George Osborne delivered his second Budget of 2015, following the Conservative Party’s outright victory in the May general election. At that moment, the view from 11, Downing Street must have looked remarkably pleasant. Osborne’s handling of the economy was widely credited with playing a large – if not pivotal – part in the election victory. Boris Johnson and Theresa May, the Chancellor’s two main rivals in the race to succeed David Cameron, were both listing badly – albeit they hadn’t quite run aground.trees

Fast forward four months and the world – and the Chancellor’s view of it – look very different. As he prepared to deliver his combined Autumn Statement and Spending Review, George Osborne found his room for manoeuvre had been sharply limited – and that his own star was no longer in the ascendancy.

Please find below HK Wealth Autumn Statement 2015 overview as an easy to ready summary of the announcements made.


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