Why us? | HK Wealth

With financial planning, we believe in the simple philosophy that two heads are better than one.

The great majority of our clients are either highly-qualified professionals, successful executives or retirees.

These are individuals who are perfectly able to deal with life’s challenges, including planning for their retirement.

Which begs the question, why do they need to come to us for help and advice in taking care of all this financial stuff?

That’s a good question which, actually, has several good answers.

We are specialists.

As an expert in your own field, you will surely have the capability to work out what to do with your investments and plan your pension.

But it’s better your most productive hours are devoted to your business or profession rather than taking time off to study the ins and outs of risk profiles and investment strategy.

The most financially-savvy people understand all this instinctively. Some of our longest-standing clients are leading lights in Central Scotland’s business community.

A partnership of equals.

Managing wealth and planning for long-term financial security are complicated areas to work in, usually involving a lot of detail and many pitfalls.

It makes sense to share the load with professionals who know their way through the minefield.

We can help you identify your hopes and ambitions, and define your goals, then together we’ll work out a sound and realistic way to achieve them.

As is so often the case, an old cliche that turns out to be pure gold: two heads really are better than one.

We are experienced.

As financial planning specialists we have accumulated, over many years, knowledge and experience that cannot be gained dealing with the single case of one’s own personal affairs.

While it’s true that everyone’s life experience is totally unique, time has taught us that certain themes and issues are common to many, giving us insight that can be of value to you.

Our job is first to listen and understand. Only then can our skills and knowledge be employed to help you plan and secure your financial future.

We are impartial.

One’s financial affairs are a very personal, and surprisingly emotional, matter.

A person’s ‘money head’ can sometimes be completely at odds with the calm, sensible head they use in their everyday life.

We’ll bring cool objectivity to the financial decision-making process.