How we get paid | HK Wealth

The fact is, for an independent financial planner to truly be independent, they need to charge a fee.

A financial planner must be – and be seen to be – completely objective and impartial when making recommendations which is why we charge fees for our advisory work, rather than depend on adviser charges from product sales.

The fact is, charging a fee is a prerequisite for creating the environment of trust, integrity and transparency that’s essential for a long-term working partnership.

Our fee structure is set out in full in our client agreement/terms of business letter. An estimate of the cost of our services will be provided after we have assessed your needs both now and in the future.

You might like to know that we are legally bound by our regulator to put your interest first and to provide suitable client insurance.

And not only do they require us to make the advice we give you unbiased and impartial, it also has to be simple and jargon-free.

You will not be charged a fee until a fee structure has been agreed with you and all the fees you do pay are used to fund your ongoing financial planning.

We have a 19-year track record of providing financial planning advice for fees rather than commissions – longer than most advisers.

Like many other fee-based advisers, we may receive commissions for organising insurance and protection business, but this represents a very small proportion of the work we do.