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How to have fun in lockdown: 3 activities for the whole family

With lockdowns underway and parents schooling their kids from home, often while juggling their time against their job, it can be difficult to find time for play and rest. Even if you do have the time, what do you do? You can’t take the kids to the cinema for an hour or two of peace and quiet when the cinema isn’t open.

In fact, there is a real psychological impact of being deprived of our usual techniques for blowing off steam. With no opportunity for parties, restaurant visits, large weddings, nights out, holidays or weekend getaways we are forced to find novel ways to counter the doom and gloom, and add some variety to the day to day monotony of lockdowns.How to have fun in lockdown: 3 activities for the whole family

According to Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist Martina Witter, a reduction in a person’s access to fun activities can lead to a reduction in dopamine and serotonin levels – “all work and no play isn’t good for anyone!”  She adds that, “A rise in mental health difficulties is an apparent psychological impact of being fun-starved, as there has been a rise in depression, anxiety, stress and burnout due to Covid.”

With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to find ways of having fun. Here are some suggestions for hobbies and creative activities that you can undertake from home – and they’re not just for kids, adults can have some fun here too.


If there’s a smartphone in your house, then you have everything you need to film and edit your own short movie. If setting up an art gallery in your house doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then why not host a film festival? Please note: we accept no responsibility if your children become successful YouTubers!


Attempting that sourdough loaf or banana bread in the first lockdown may feel like a distant memory at this point, but trying out a new recipe (and enjoying the results) is a great way to spend your time. Get your kids involved, they can learn an important life skill and have some laughs along the way. We won’t tell anyone if you lick the spoon!

Drawing and Colouring

Bring out your inner doodler. Challenge your family members to draw each other and host a pop-up art gallery in your own living room. Why not treat yourself to a colouring book? There are more available than you can count, aimed at both children and adults. Colouring in has actually been proven to help relieve feelings of depression and anxiety, too.



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