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5 incredible safaris to add to your bucket list

Going on safari is one of the most unique and exciting experiences on the planet. Witnessing wild animals in their natural habitat, and not just through the lens of a BBC documentary, appeals to all ages and is an excellent opportunity for groups and individuals. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most fascinating safaris out there…5 incredible safaris to add to your bucket list

African ‘Big Five’ Safari 

The ‘Big Five’ are considered to be Africa’s must-see animals. The phrase was originally coined by big-game hunters, referring to the African wildlife that were considered the hardest and most dangerous animals to hunt. Today, thankfully, hunting has become much less commonplace on the African savannah and the phrase now refers to some of the most majestic animals on planet earth.

Lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and cape buffalo make up the five, and there are a whole range of different safari companies that offer a chance to see these magnificent animals. For the best chance to see the ‘Big Five’, game parks in South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania or the Masai Mara are the ones you’ll want to visit.

Komodo National Park 

What could be more exciting then coming face to face with a real life dragon? The Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard on earth, growing up to a maximum length of 10ft. Another interesting fact is that they often eat up to 80% of their body weight in one sitting – that’s a lot of food! Komodo National Park in Indonesia is one of the only places on the planet that you can see these animals in their natural habitat and is certainly not one to miss.

Chiang Mai

Elephants are both beautiful and intelligent, however in central and south east Asia they have a history of being used as working animals and are now being forced to be carry and entertain tourists in the roasting jungle heat. The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand is seeking to strive for a better relationship with these animals. The nature park operates as a sanctuary to rescued elephants, as well as many other animals. You can help to feed and bathe the animals at the sanctuary, meaning that the Elephant Nature Park offers one of the most intimate and ethical wildlife experiences out there.


The area known as Borneo is a vast swathe of land that connects both Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s a place of great apes and cheeky monkeys, though the area is famed for its Orangutan population. Of all the regions in Borneo, Sabah is the most popular due to its reasonably good road systems, making travel much easier. The area also has a number of hotels that range from budget to luxurious, making it a destination accessible to everyone.


If lions and leopards aren’t your big cat of choice, the tigers of India might be the felines that scratch that itch. India has over 75% of the world’s tiger population and an Indian tiger safari is a great addition to any wildlife enthusiast’s repertoire. Though these elusive beasts are hard to spot amongst the jungle fauna, the highest concentration of tigers can be found in the Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand parks, making sightings much more likely.

So there you have it, five safaris that may allow you to encounter some of nature’s most majestic creations. For those of you who are interested in having such an incredible experience, we recommend that you factor it into your financial plan. For advice on how to construct such a robust financial plan, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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