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How can I use AI at home?

You won’t have failed to notice the ongoing debate about artificial intelligence and how it’s transforming the world of work in countless sectors.How can I use AI at home?

But did you know you could use tools such as ChatGPT to help with tasks at home too? And we don’t mean helping your children cheat at their homework.

AI could help make countless household tasks easier or speed up those jobs that can be time-consuming.

Here are just a few ways it could make a difference to you…

Holiday recommendations

Do you have a favourite type of holiday, such as sunning it on a beach or enjoying a city break?

If you know what you like, but fancy visiting a destination you’ve not been to before, then asking AI for alternatives could be a good option.

It might throw up a few recommendations that you’ve previously overlooked, and highlight attractions you haven’t thought of before.

Plan your holiday itinerary

Once you’ve picked your destination, AI can help you plan your itinerary. This could be really helpful if you’ve got limited time in your destination and want to make the most of every hour.

For example, if you’re spending three days in Paris rather than a week, and you want to make sure you don’t miss any landmarks, ask AI to put together a plan that takes in all the main sights and how you can travel between them.

Get recipe suggestions

Do you have random ingredients in your kitchen cupboard and not know what to do with them? You could ask AI what to do with them, and will give meal suggestions and even the recipe.

That could have the dual benefit of introducing you to new meal options and preventing food waste.

Plan your meals for the week

Meal planning can be an arduous task, particularly if you have fussy eaters in the house or a limited budget. You could make this job easier by telling AI what type of food you all like and how much you have to spend, before asking it to put together a plan for the week of what you’re going to eat.

You could even ask it to write a shopping list that reflects your meal plan, so you’ll be less likely to waste food at home.

Write packing lists

If you’re heading away for work or a holiday, ask AI to put together a list of essential items that you’ll need in your suitcase.

Not only could that save you a little bit of time before you depart, it should make sure that nothing important gets forgotten.

Of course, there are limits to what tools like ChatGPT can do, and it’s not infallible.

Since you don’t necessarily know where it draws information from, it can sometimes throw up incorrect data or present certain opinions as fact.

Add to that the fact that many people want genuine human insights and experiences to guide their decisions.

For example, how many of us check customer reviews online before buying a certain item or booking a holiday to a certain destination?

We do that because we care what other people think and value firsthand accounts.

So while AI can be a good starting point for some tasks, it’s important that you don’t take what it tells you at face value.

Start with AI and then turn to respected, authoritative sources of information for a second opinion, and then you can be confident you’re making the right decisions.


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