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The pros and cons of switching your phone and broadband

With uninterrupted internet access now vital for many to ensure they can run businesses and stay in touch with friends and family, we take a look at the potential pitfalls to look out for when considering whether to switch.

  1. Know what the numbers mean – A company might advertise a faster speed than your current provider in your area – but any speed advertised will always be the maximum you’ll get. The reality might be that you see no difference in speed, or you could even receive a slower connection than you’re currently experiencing. Some packages also come with download caps which can lead to additional charges, your service being slowed down or, in extreme cases where you continually exceed the cap, suspended altogether.
  2. Look out for charges – Whilst you might be attracted by a lower monthly price or a discounted welcome period, some providers will charge a one-off connection or installation fee which might counteract some of the savings. There can also be exit fees charged if you leave a contract early, so ensure these aren’t eating up the pennies you hoped to save as well.
  3. Watch out for unexpected problems – Switching broadband provider should be straightforward with little effort on your part, and in most cases it will be. But there are cases where customers have been left without a connection for days or even weeks, which can lead to all sorts of problems. Those who live in poor mobile reception areas should be particularly aware, as without a landline or internet connection you may find yourself inconveniently uncontactable by family, friends and colleagues alike.
  4. Cheaper doesn’t mean better! – As with many things in life, you get what you pay for. If you end up saving a few pounds every month, but your connection regularly drops out and the company provides poor customer service, you’ll very soon be wondering why you bothered to switch in the first place. Do some research online beforehand and you’ll soon find out whether or not to steer clear of a company offering a cheap deal.


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